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Published on the first Angesteg of each Mannsliegh

2 groats

The Citizens of Once-Fair Mordheim are Beset by Bands of Roving Mercenaries and Sell-Swords.

The End of the World is Nigh!

The great Catastrophe has laid ruin to our once magnificent port. Are we the first to suffer this Fate? What hope is there for the great cities of the West? Will Middenheim, Nuln, Marienburg, or even splendid Altdorf succumb to this Horror? What have the dread Fates in store for all Mankind?

Has Sigmar Deserted Us?

More details of the Catastrophe inside.


Burghers blame Agents of Chaos. The Old Town in Turmoil.

The proudest city of the Old World has been reduced to an infernal hell of smoldering craters and desolated buildings. The ancient architecture of our grandest mansions, that once played host to the greatest nobles of our time, is now inhabited by foul and putrid followers of Dark Gods. Where once stood bustling markets and streets of commerce, now reigns only banditry and murder. The shadows of the deathly ruins hide only cutpurses and fell monstrosities.


Dwarf Treasure Hunters search ruins after promises
of untold wealth

The grim Dwarfs from the ancient empire in the Mountains at the Edge of the World have come to Mordheim. Could their motive be to claim the strange rocks known as wyrdstone?

The Dwarfs' skills certainly aren't to be underestimated. Several warbands have already crossed their paths.
Reinhold, last surviving member of his Reiklander warband, reported that they attacked without motive, pinning his men down with deadly fire from handgun and crossbow.
"I was lucky to survive," Reinhold reported. "I tried to save my warband, but they were ruthlessly cut down by those uncaring stunties."


The Burghermeister of Ostermark has deemed the Elector Count of Sylvania Vlad von Carstein's visit to the city and surrounding settlement a great success. The Count and his entourage were apparently impressed with the area's many night spots as they were seen going out on the town after sunset on more than one occasion.



Brave explorers have brought back tales of lush, steaming jungles and lost cities of gold in far-off Lustria. Those willing to risk the rigours of sailing the angry seas of the Great Western Ocean and no doubt the predations of the High Elven sea patrols will find treasures and wyrdstone by the mountain in comparison to the City of the Damned.

These are not safe lands to explore however for the hot jungles are teaming with life most indescribable and many legendary beasts are thought to stalk this lost world.

One of our intrepid scribes hitched a ride with an Elven trading expedition to the lost world of Lustria. There he will learn the truth about the rumours of rivers flowing with gold and gems. The opportunity to study this strange fey people from across the ocean and perhaps learn a few of their well-guided secrets is not to be missed although the Elves are not to be trusted and definitely not to be antagonised.


Gareth of Hamilton investigates growing rumours that Ratmen have made our once-fine city their home.

Tactics and combat techniques of the famous fighting men of the Reikland.

A first-hand report of ye recent hoo-hah between the vile Skaven and a warband of Reiklanders.


Treasure Hunters from the ancient empire of the Dwarfs come in search of wealth.

Ye sightings of more warriors offering their services to warbands exploring the city.

The strange followers of the Elector Count of Sylvania arrive in search of the precious wyrdstone.

More Witch Hunters flock to the city to reinforce the zealous Templars of Sigmar in their quest to vanquish evil.


Intrepid explorers bring back tales of wyrdstone and exotic treasures from far off Lustria.

Ye High Elven adventurers
reveal a handful of their intentions.

There's money to
be made in the fighting pits just make sure ye aren't the ones being wagered upon...

Well-dressed mercenaries from Averland have come to make their bid for riches.


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